06.06.2018 Successful construction of a steel degassing plant.
ELIVAC supplies a vacuum system with 120'000m³/h suction speed for a Chinese steel company. The system was built with partners and replaces an old steam ejector pump. The amount of energy required per ton of degassed steel was drastically reduced. The system is accepted by the customer in the course of the month.
08.11.2017 Successful test of ELIVAC pumps in Switzerland
Four different pumps were successfully tested on our test facility. The Roots compressors ER20000, ER10000, ER4300 and as backing pump a rotary piston pump ESD500 were tested. The final pressure was 0.86 Pa.

01.05.2017 ELIVAC Swiss Homepage now in English

We are going online in English today.
New English Homepage
01.04.2017 New Smart Vacuum Systems available

ELIVAC offers smart energy saving vacuum systems for 300 MW, 500 MW, 600 MW and 1000 MW  as well as customized systems for any thermal power plant and industry. ELIVAC can of course also offer the main LRPs for the condensers for new plants and for old plant system replacement.
Test stand assembling
09.12.2016 Installation of the test stand for the Swiss pumps

After a long rest, ELIVAC Swiss GmbH was able to set up the Swiss test stand in the premises of the company ARAN AG in Lausen. The pumping station with four stages consisting of the ER25000, ER10000 and ER4300 Roots blowers as well as an ET500 piston back pump and could be set up within one day.

Montage des Teststands
19.04.2016 Test bench for Swiss pumps
Happy faces in the assessment of the material for the pump test stand for Switzerland. Thore Gustafson and Dr. Raymond Shaw are delighted to see the quality and fast production of the pre-vacuum pumps and piping systems for the Swiss pump test stand.

10.03.2016 aran AG
Soon the first pumps "Made in Switzerland" will be available. The first Roots blower has arrived at our test and service partner aran AG. The pump is intensively tested to meet the demands of the customers in the European environment. During the test phase, the future service specialists will also be trained on the machine.