An international brand and symbol of quality
ELIVAC offers tailor-made solutions in vacuum generation for various industries. Not only we offer you different vacuum pump types from our company, but also vacuum systems designed for your application.
ELIVAC is an "all-in-one" supplier who not only distributes pumps, but also develops and manufactures them. In the own workshop, the components are manufactured, balanced, assembled and the pumps tested. We also have a CE certificate for our root pumps and can offer you Swiss test certificates.
Our own demand for quality is very high. For example, only high-quality materials with a production certificate are used. We also place high demands on production. So our Rootsblowers are fine-balanced. On a running ER20000 with a weight of almost 2.5 tons, you can place a coin upright on its edge without falling down.
As a customer, you are assisted by the highly qualified
ELIVAC Engineering team. You submit your needs to us and we develop and build turnkey pumping systems including steel construction, piping, sensor technology and control. The suction power of these systems are virtually not limited. We supply systems with a few 100m³/h for chip production up to pumping systems with >1,000'000m³/h suction speed for large plants.
You won't maintain your plant yourself? No problem. Our maintenance partners are available 24 hours a day to reduce machine down-times as much as possible.
ELIVAC therefore offers you a round-the-clock service when it comes to high-quality and efficient vacuum generation plants. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.