Campaign for our SVS
We want to publicise our ELIVAC Smart Vacuum System in the power generation industry. That's why we came up with "Find the Difference"
We can further improve the efficiency of your system
Steam turbines are highly efficient systems that convert as much energy as possible from the supplied fuels into electrical energy. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement. With our patented ELIVAC Smart Vacuum System, you can further improve the efficiency of the system and increase the power-to-fuel ratio. How do you do that? Just ask us! We will be happy to advise you.

January  2024
In recent years, we have developed a wide range of pre-inlet cooled blowers. These can be used to overcome large pressure differences of up to 300mbar and up to 30,000m³/h (with one machine). The machines can save up to 30% of energy when compared with liquid ring pumps. The efficiency gain is even more striking when compared with vapour ejectors.
April 2023
Are you seeking a way to enhance your waste-to-energy process and achieve higher yields? Look no further than RENERGIA in Switzerland, who have embraced the Smart Vacuum System (SVS) from ELIVAC Swiss GmbH, a leading provider of vacuum pumps and systems.

The SVS is a remarkable technology that evacuates the air condenser of a steam turbine, creating a flawless vacuum for optimal performance. By reducing the energy required for evacuation, it significantly boosts the efficiency of waste-to-energy plants. Notably, the SVS is an integral part of RENERGIA’s climate project, which annually saves millions of liters of crude oil and reduces CO² emissions by 67,000 tonnes at a nearby paper mill.

But here’s the exciting part: The SVS isn’t limited to massive power plants alone. ELIVAC Swiss GmbH has ingeniously redesigned the SVS to accommodate smaller power plants, including waste incineration facilities. Whether you operate a large-scale or compact power plant, the SVS empowers you to maximize your waste fuel utilization and boost your profits.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the green energy revolution with the SVS from ELIVAC Swiss GmbH. Contact us today to explore how you can acquire your very own SVS and make a positive impact on both your business and the environment. 🌿🌎

2022 Errection of a Vacuum Degassing System
Vacuum generation technology by use of steam ejector pump has been known as a reliable work horse for many years but it is no longer state-of-the art what of operating costs, availability and maintenance efforts are concerned.
ELIVAC offers vacuum generation systems for the steel industry. Our offer spans from design and manufacturing to start-up supervision. We have developed our own vacuum generation concept, based on its long-term experience from the steel industry.
The main advantages of dry mechanical vacuum pumps, compared to any optimised steam ejector solution, are:

  •     Stable pumping speed of the vacuum pumps over a wide range of climatic conditions
  •     Easy control of pumping speed
  •     No successive reduction of pumping speed due to dust
  •     Drastic reduction of running costs as compared with steam ejector pumps
  •     Limited and flexible space requirements
  •     No pollution of water or ambient with dust

06.06.2018 Successful construction of a steel degassing plant.
ELIVAC supplies a vacuum system with 120'000m³/h suction speed for a Chinese steel company. The system was built with partners and replaces an old steam ejector pump. The amount of energy required per ton of degassed steel was drastically reduced. The system is accepted by the customer in the course of the month.
08.11.2017 Successful test of ELIVAC pumps in Switzerland
Four different pumps were successfully tested on our test facility. The Roots compressors ER20000, ER10000, ER4300 and as backing pump a rotary piston pump ESD500 were tested. The final pressure was 0.86 Pa.

01.05.2017 ELIVAC Swiss Homepage now in English

We are going online in English today.
New English Homepage
01.04.2017 New Smart Vacuum Systems available

ELIVAC offers smart energy saving vacuum systems for 300 MW, 500 MW, 600 MW and 1000 MW  as well as customized systems for any thermal power plant and industry. ELIVAC can of course also offer the main LRPs for the condensers for new plants and for old plant system replacement.
Test stand assembling